Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham

With two Michelin stars I had high standards and was very excited. I wasn’t disapointed at all. I think this might have some of the nicest staff and most relaxed environment I’ve been to.

The dinning room is very simple and neutral with an eclectic, calming selection of art. The space is small and has an intimate feel. The first thing I noticed was that there was no music but after a couple of moments I totally forgot about this.

The main menu was full of amazing dishes but I chose the evening set menu as the dishes were very interesting and seasonal.

I started with a selection of canapés, one was a small cube of cheese with powered chorizo. This was intense and definitely woke my taste buds up.

This was followed by an appetiser of caramelised onion mousse on top of thyme jelly and crispy chicken skin with a pea shoot. WOW!! This was so dramatic. The thyme jelly was very strong but when all parts of this dish were consumed together they were perfectly balanced and refreshing.

My starter was a wood pigeon and beetroot terrine that was rich and meaty. The apple and beetroot purée gave the dish a crispy freshness. It was obviously presented with precision and purpose so it looked so good I didn’t want to destroy it.

eThe pollock for main was wholesome. I did find this portion a little large and as the flavours were very strong it was just a bit much. The piece of pollock was large, meaty and flaky. The bed of tarragon macaroni with the creamy shellfish sauce complemented the pollock. I really liked the addition of the mushrooms to give this dish an earthy layer.

For dessert I has the pistachio cake with caramelised figs and fig ice cream. This was sweet and I loved the soft figs with a crunchy, sugary coating.

I can honestly say that I was very excited and slightly intimated as this was my first 2 stared Michelin meal. David Everitt-Matthias and his wife Helen have created a wonderful environment that lets the food have all of the attention it deserves. Helen and her front of house staff are very attentive and welcoming which made me feel I had been there before. 



Le Champignon Sauvage


01242 573449


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