Facil, Berlin

One of our Christmas treats while we were away for Christmas was to visit Facil.

This amazing 2 Starred Michelin restaurant was a short walk from the Holocaust Memorial. On the fifth floor of the Mandala Hotel, you know it’s special when the doors open as you approach the restaurant, yes I’m easily pleased. The polite and attentive staff greeted us and showed us to our table on the centre of the room. There’s about about 15 small tables on the room. When I say room I really mean it’s a conservatory on the fifth floor with its own outside space. It makes you feel like you’re on the top floor.

We had the lunch menu which allows you to pick and choose from a selection of very appetising sounding dishes, we had three courses at €48.


Our appetiser was centered around a shiitake mushroom.


I know you shouldn’t fill yourself up on bread when you’re about to have such an amazing meal but this was too good to leave. The selection included rye which went really well with the pesto and cheese dip.


I started with the beef heart with butternut pumpkin and passion fruit. It was a piece of art. The bright orange piece of pumpkin made it look like a spring dish and cubes of passion fruit added a sweet fragrance. The heart was tender and melted in the mouth. I could have eaten multiple portions of this.


My next dish was duck breast, which was sticky, sweet, juicy and rich, everything you’d expect from a perfectly cooked piece of duck. The duck was accompanied by discs of celery, celeriac chunks, chestnuts, chestnut puree and juniper jelly. If a dish was ever going to represent the woods this would be it. It was earthy and woody.


When I saw king bolete on the menu I did have to google it…..mushroom??? Nope, that shouldn’t be on a dessert. Yet again I have been proven wrong. What an amazing representation of a woodland garden with the creation of a hollow log and a mushroom. This light and seasonal dish was sweet, savoury, nutty, creamy, jellied and fluffy. This isn’t your typical dessert and I wouldn’t say it was a sweet dish, it was difficult to tuck into as I would have been happy to look at it all day.


My other half had the Hokkaido pumpkin, ginger, coffee and Banyuls ice cream. This was as equally impressive dessert but again it was sweet and savoury and I could have just looked at it instead of eating it.


This is definitely a venue I would like to revisit again in a different season. The venue, staff and food was amazing hence why they have 2 Michelin Stars.





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