The one thing I really wanted to try when I was in Vienna over Christmas was the Viennese schnitzel. I saw it on a couple of travel programmes before I went. When I did try it I thought it was good but definitely slightly dry and dare I say it a bit bland.

I served mine with a potato salad and some salad leaves which made it a lighter dish than a heavy evening meal.

schnitzel and salad

2 pork loins
Salt and pepper
1 egg
50g plain flour
100g panko flakes
25g Parmesan cheese
6 sprigs of thyme
Rapeseed oil

in three different bowls add the flour to one, eggs to another and panko to the other • whisk the eggs • to the panko add the salt and pepper • finely grate the cheese into the panko • pick and add the thyme leaves to the panko • cut the fat off the edge of the pork • place the pork in between two large pieces of cling film • use a rolling pin bash the pork until it is as thick as a pound coin • preheat a frying pan with rapeseed • prepare each loin one at a time • first cover the loin with flour • shake the excess off • dip in the egg • now place the loin into the panko and ensure the loin in totally covered in panko and the other ingredients on both sides • add the pork to the frying pan • once brown on one side turn it over • when golden on both sides remove it from the pan and do the same with the other pork loin


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