Dairy-Free Spreads

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m missing my butter on my Saturday morning bacon sarnies. So, I’m on the hunt to find a replacement before the weekend.

I thought I’d have a look at what I could get at my local supermarkets. I usually shop at Aldi and anything I can’t get from there I pop in to Waitrose to get the rest.

These are a few of the dairy-free options in Waitrose.

When I had a look in Aldi there were no dairy-free spread options at all. The sunflower spreads had buttermilk in, which meant they were a definite no. I know I’d find something in Waitrose but I was very please to see a huge range. If you’re looking for lactose-free options there’s a few but the dairy-free or vegan options are very impressive.


I chose to try the Flora Freedom Dairy-Free spread. I’m not a fan of margarine and I never buy it usually. At school I always encourage my students to use butter when they can, just in lower amounts. When I opened it it just looked like margarine and this was a negative for me. When I spread it on some bread to taste it, it was dull, white-ish in colour and had that thick margarine texture. If you use Flora this is a good replacement and I definitely would describe it as margarine.

These are the vegan options.

The three vegan options I looked at were; cold pressed rapeseed oil, avocado oil and rapeseed and coconut oil spread. I always use rapeseed oil when I’m cooking so the two options with this in sound great. As I’m familiar with this flavour I thought I’d try something new so I opted for the avocado oil spread. Avocados are full of monounsaturated fat and it has loads of health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol levels which in turn reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, sounds good to me!

This spread had more of a yellow and glossy appearance. I’m not sure I would describe it as buttery but it was definitely creamier than the Flora. I used it to fry some red cabbage and it looked so tasty and glassy in the avocado oil.

Looking at the nutritional information on both tubs, they both have 53 kcal per 10g and most of the other nutrients are the same too.

Personally I would choose the avocado oil spread out of these two options as I prefer the creamy flavour and silky texture. I’m definitely going to try the other vegan options available at Waitrose. I’m planning to go dairy-free for 4 weeks. If I don’t see any difference (health wise) and go back to cheese at every opportunity, I’ll still choose this spread over butter, it’s so tasty.

If you want to see the other dairy-free or vegan options at Waitrose click on the link below.

Waitrose Dairy-Free Spreads


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