Overnight Oats

When you’ve slept in or you’re just super busy in the morning, the one thing that gets sacrificed is usually  your breakfast. You might pick up something on the go and eat it at your desk or worse still, you might pop into McDonald’s. I hate it when this happens and I end up feeling guilty or I binge for the rest of the day.

These oats are really popular at the minute and there’s tons of recipes out there to try. Here’s the recipe I’ve been having over the last few weeks. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare, it make two portions and there’s very little cleaning to do after. Bonus!

There’s two portions in this jar, you just have to divide it in two, if you can. When I’m really busy I just eat the whole jar without the additional milk or bananas.

I made this dairy-free, so I replaced the yoghurt with an Alpro velvet vanilla dessert and the milk with almond milk. If you weren’t told you’d never know, it’s so tasty and creamy.

overnight oats

40g porridge oats
1 vanilla yoghurt
20g whole chia seeds
10g flaked almonds
10g sultanas
65ml (3rd cup) milk

2 bananas
50ml milk (x2)

add the oats, yoghurt, seeds, almonds, sultanas and milk in a water tight container or jar • mix well • place in the fridge overnight • the next day place half of the mixture in a bowl and stir in 50ml of milk and 1 chopped up banana • repeat this the next day

without the additional milk and the bananas this has 462 calories, 231 per portion

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