A little bit about me…..

Not only do I love eating food but I love everything related to food.

I’m a food teacher in one of the best secondary schools in England. My journey to this job started from just enjoying food and wanting to know more about the science and the function of ingredients in a recipe. Not only do I enjoy learning about food but I also enjoy teaching friends, family and students to cook anything from quick snacks and basic skills to more complex dishes.

My favourite time of the year would be Christmas, this is only because I know I’m going to shop, eat and cook a lot more food than usual do or need.

My other passion is travelling. Most of the destinations I have been to I have chosen them for their cuisine. I would say I have been very lucky to have visited almost every continent and been around the world three times. These experiences have allowed me to gain so much knowledge about ingredients and recipes from many different cultures. All of this travelling also showed me that I have only just touched the surface and I have a long way to go before I know everything about food.

My most enjoyable and memorable trip would be to Japan. I lived there for 6 months and experienced something new everyday, I was never disappointed but always surprised. I lived with a lovely Japanese family who owned a pension, this is like a bed and breakfast. They also offered their guests evening meals and I helped Reiko in the kitchen most evenings. They offered their guests a 6 course meal that would consist of sushi, barbecued fish, marinated fish, mountain vegetables and desserts, these are just a few of the dishes on their menu. I was also very fortunate to make soba noodles with an amazing couple of Japanese celebrity chefs.

I love my job and the students I teach. Work can be demanding but I don’t want food to just be work related. I have started this new journey as I would like to keep my passion for food alive outside of work too. This blog will hopefully allow me to do this as well as share my culinary experiences and record the next part of my food journey.