Food For Everyone

I moved from the North East to the Midlands for my amazing food job a few of years ago. As I love eating out and trying new foods, so I have been to loads of different restaurants in the area now. I feel I have almost exhausted my local options and need to expand.

I have recently discovered The Good Food Guide 2017. This book has a huge amount of reviews for a wide variety of food establishments from Michelin stared restaurants to local cafes. I have never been to a Michelin stared restaurant before but do know a good meal when I have one. My experience of teaching students to cook has shown me how creative young adults can be and I do often judge food establishments by the amazing products my students can make with so little knowledge.

This guide has sparked a new hunger in me to try some new food experiences. Just like the individuals who wrote all of the reviews for the guide, I would like to share my new experiences to encourage others to be more adventurous or to just try something new. I would also like to remember all of the wonderful food I taste or make, so this will be a bit of a diary for me.

Not only will I be sharing my new culinary experiences and adventures but my home cooking, food on my holidays and products I create with or for my students.

I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do.